Morocco Sahara Desert tours

Morocco Sahara Desert tours

A good place to start your Sahara desert tours is anywhere your plane lands. It is quite easy to find your way from Marrakech, Casablanca or any of Morocco’s cities to the edge of the Moroccan Sahara. Your tour guide will have all travel arrangements set up in advance of your arrival. The world’s largest desert part of Morcco begins between the Anti Atlas Mountains and the Algerian border. It is an impressive place to visit and very popular with tourists. So, you can feed your sense of adventure in this remote part of Morocco.

Zagora a starting point for you Sahara desert tours

From zagora, Less than an hour’s travel by car will deliver you to the dunes of Erg Lihoudi, giving you your first glimpse of the famous Sahara Desert. Your Morocco Sahara desert tours will most likely begin here. You will begin the trek on the stony plain with scrub brush sticking up here and there. Most over night or longer camel trips will probably take you to a well in the desert about four hours from the Erg Lihoudi. This will be the place to spend the night under the stars.

Camel treks are usually planned around where water is found. While camels are known for their ability to go days without water, it is better for them and they work harder if they are given fresh water every couple of days. Your guides will prepare the meals on the trail. Imagine dining on a tangine while sitting under star lit skies. Depending on how long your trek is, you might find your way to the big dunes of Ouad Naam. They are like a magical playground with dunes towering more than 100 meters. Take off your shoes and play in the sand. Climb to the top and watch the sunset or sunrise from the very highest dune. You will be rewarded by the sights you see.

Don’t miss in your desert trips

Other dunes that you might be drawn to visit, depending on the time you have available are Erg Chicaga or Erg Chebbi. Therefore, talk with your Moroccan vacation planner and come up with a route that best suits you. No matter where you decide to go on your Sahara desert trip you will find visual treasures and make memories like you never had before. You will be visiting a part of an ancient world. Most of these treks are on the paths that caravans followed for millennia from the core of Africa to the Moroccan coasts. Your world will be very quiet with the only sounds being your camel’s steps across the sands. Skies will be so blue you feel like you are in a domed world. Night skies are filled with so many stars there is no way you can count them.

The best time to book your Morocco sahara desert tours is in the winter and early spring months. Summertime the temps are too hot for touring. One thing that can be said, it doesn’t matter if you go by yourself or with a Moroccan tour operator, no one leaves Morocco disappointed.